Writing Consultation

About My Consulting Services

I’d love to help you tell your story! Email me at rachelkcorell@gmail.com for information on my rates and services.

While I am based in Blacksburg, VA, I can work with you no matter where you are.

As a writing consultant, I strive to help you communicate your ideas in any context. With over a decade of professional writing experience, I have served in positions in higher education, a solo law practice, K-12 administration, an arts education nonprofit, and as assistant to the owner of a small business.

I especially enjoy helping others take tentative ideas and shape them into fully formed, polished concepts. Some examples of services I provide involve editing, revision of existing content, and writing feedback.

Whether you’re a student, individual professional, or small business, I can:

Provide formal writing editing and feedback depending on your communication needs

  • Are you a high school student? I can help you with scholarship application letters, college application essays, and navigating the process of applying to college.
  • Are you an undergraduate student? I can help you with your academic writing needs with specialized writing tutoring, and with your professional writing needs through advising and feedback sessions.
  • Are you a graduate student in need of dissertation help? I can provide copyediting and/or revision services for your dissertation content.
  • Are you another individual or small business? I can help you establish your background in context to position yourself or your company for success by developing a compelling story to explain why you’re the best choice for your clients.

Create a professional identity by helping you draft effective resumes or CVs, cover letters, or social media profile content

  • Are you a student or recent graduate? We’ll start with career advising and establishing your professional identity to communicate how you’re the right fit for the job.
  • Are you a seasoned professional looking for new opportunities? Together we will consider your existing documentation and implement a plan that expands upon and improves the way you convey skills in your resume or on social media.
  • Are you a small business? I can help you update and edit your website’s language to best convey your goals to customers.