Student Evaluations (excerpted samples)

Here are some examples of student comments and evaluations I’ve gotten at the community colleges and universities where I have worked. Complete copies of the student evaluations featuring these comments are available upon request.

English 121: Composition I, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, Fall 2008
“She’s easy-going and very understanding, and the way she grades/corrects papers is the best of any teacher I can recall; she does it without butchering long writing but provides helpful advice about how to revise it.”

“Even though I’m not thrilled about writing classes I enjoyed this class.”

English 1010: Composition I, Nashville State Community College, Fall 2009 – Spring 2012
“Great instructor, personally interested in helping students succeed – a rare but exceptional quality in an educator!!”

“Ms. Corell was great. I appreciated her willingness to help even the most irritating students.”

“Out of the previous teachers that I have had for English, you are by far the best one. All of the examples that you gave were clear and didn’t need further explanation. Keep up the good work.”

“Ms. Corell is an excellent presenter of her material. She is passionate about writing and has influenced others too. She exhibits professionalism, good ethics, patience, and enthusiasm.”

“Ms. Corell is an interesting person, which makes her an interesting teacher. She can have a little fun in class but still get things done.”

“I took Comp I last semester and failed because of the research paper. But this semester Ms. Rachel has helped me so much. She gives out handouts and uses PowerPoints to help everyone understand. I am so happy I had her as an instructor.”

“Great class, great teacher. I appreciate all the help she gave me. It means so much more than you would think.”

English 1020: Composition II, Nashville State Community College, Fall 2009 – Spring 2012
“I had Rachel in Comp I and I learned so much from her that I went to night class just so I could have her again in Comp II. Excellent teacher!”

“It is not required that I take English II but I have learned so much about myself through English and the instructor that I am very interested in developing my language skills even more.”

“Ms. Corell is an excellent teacher. She exhibited patience when dealing with the various personalities in the class. She always communicated her expectations in a firm but mild tone. She is not overbearing. Her love for English made the class enjoyable.”

“I felt that I learned a lot from Ms. Corell this semester. She is a great instructor who knows her subject matter extremely well. As a result of taking this course, I have switched my major to English, and once I transfer I will also concentrate in writing, which I enjoy.”

“Great teacher. Positive attitude toward her students. Open to answering questions when you don’t understand something. After two semesters of instruction from Ms. Corell (Comp I & II), I can honestly say I am much more proficient in English than when I started.”

“Great teacher, one of the few classes I looked forward to going to. I’m tired of writing essays!!! That is all. :)”

MSE 2884: Professional Development I, Virginia Tech, Fall semesters 2014, 2015, 2016

“She made herself available to me to help me through an interview and hiring process. I got a job because of her and this class!”

“She cares a lot about her students and is a good teacher.”

“She explained all of our assignments well and always gave us feedback which fostered individual improvement.”

“Was always very good with communication, always realized that we are human beings that have lives, and seemed to genuinely care about our class.”

“Promoted an atmosphere that was positive and relaxed. Introduced us to others with professional experience.”

“Her comments were very effective and help reinforce skills I already had and build ones that I did not.”