Learning Objectives & Research Topic for Global Perspectives 2017

I wanted to share my learning objectives and research topic for my GPP experience. What follows is a draft of the work I plan to do and inquiries I plan to make:

GPP Learning Objectives

A central part of my GPP experience will involve increased understanding of the state of higher education in Europe, especially with respect to writing instruction and professionalism. That said, my primary learning objectives are as follows:

  1. Develop a better global perspective of higher education and writing instruction.
  2. Discover more about the discipline of technical writing instruction as it functions both in Europe and here in the U.S through discussions with higher education officials abroad.
  3. Evaluate what, if any, role that writing across the disciplines and interdisciplinary communication research play in higher education in Europe.
  4. Interpret new knowledge to find ways of implementing best practices of European higher education in the U.S., especially with respect to professional development and communication.

GPP Research Topic

In the United States, there is varying emphasis on professional communication concepts such as technical writing instruction and professional development. Indeed, many professors still complain that their students’ work and even emails are lackluster in professionalism, while students voice concerns that they are not getting the writing experience they need for the “real world” beyond academia. With this in mind, my research topic thus considers professional communication instruction in European higher education, and my questions directing my research for GPP are:

  1. How are higher education institutions in Europe using insights from writing instruction to inform their pedagogical practices on communication?
  2. How is technical writing instruction incorporated into programs beyond traditional English studies in higher education?
  3. How is professional development instruction incorporated into programs in Europe? Is it as part of an interdisciplinary program, or does it vary by academic focus?

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