Origin Story

About Me: Avid fan of live music, Harry Potter, and all things dog. Actual hair color may vary. 

Hi, I’m Rachel. Right now I work for Undergraduate Academic Affairs at Virginia Tech, where I serve as Communication Manager for Undergraduate Academic Programs. In this role, I am primarily responsible for communications efforts for the Office of General Education, the Office of First-Year Experiences, the Office of Undergraduate Research, and the Howard Hughes Inclusive Excellence Grant.

In December 2018, I was awarded the Master of Arts in English, focused in rhetoric and writing, at Virginia Tech. This builds upon a Master of Arts in English, similarly focused in composition and rhetorical studies, that I earned from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga in 2009. I have also completed the Preparing the Future Professoriate (PFP) certificate program through the graduate school. As a result of my study in PFP, I was selected as a Fellow for the Graduate School’s Global Perspectives Program in summer of 2017.

Peggy the Dog

A Girl & Her Dog: Perhaps above all else, I enjoy dog time with Peggy (Agent Margaret Carter, to be exact; she’s become a huge Avengers fan since her rescue in May 2015). Peggy and I combine our efforts to help train her other furry canine friends, and deal politely with the occasional angry feline.

What You’ll Find: In addition to my CV, teaching portfolio, teaching/learning philosophy, and examples of student evaluations, I have also been working on adding both some writing I’ve done (mostly blog posts and haikus) and some writing resources I have created for students in the past.

More Information: You can find me (with slowly increasing frequency) on Twitter. You can find Peggy on Instagram.